Thoughts for this week

“Love God with your whole self and love others as yourself,” 

Watch the end scene where Andy gives his toys away to Bonnie. available on YouTube at

He asks Bonnie to take good care of his old toys but struggles to let go of Woody.

• What has been the best gift someone has given you?

• What is the best gift you have given someone?

• Why do you think Andy struggled to let go of Woody?

• Is there anything you would find it difficult to let go of?
Read Mark 12:28-34 and 38-44.

So often when Jesus was quizzed, the questioner was trying to trap Jesus. In many of these encounters Jesus responds to a question with another question. But in this case Jesus answers the religious scholar’s genuine question directly. 

“Love God with your whole self and love others as yourself,” he answers. 

Jesus then draws attention to the dedication of the poor widow and contrasts her dedication with the shallow actions of the leaders. While her monetary offering might be small, but she gives with her whole self.

Take a sheet of paper and write the six symbols down the left-hand side. After quietly reading through the Bible passage again, write (next to the appropriate symbol) what they think the passage is saying.

UP ARROW Write something theses verses tell us about Jesus / God

DOWN ARROW Write something these verses tell us about human nature

A LIGHT BULB Write down any new discovery you’ve made reading these verses

EXCLAMATION MARK Write down the most exciting verse in your opinion and why

QUESTION MARK Write anything you don’t understand or want to ask about

RIGHT ARROW Write down something these verses say we should do 

Take a few minutes to think about what you have discovered. 


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