Learners & Activity.

Jesus was a teacher and his friends were learners. Sometimes we call them disciples or followers or apostles. All of our lives we are learners because there is always something new to find out.

• Can you think of something new that you found out about this week?

There are different ways of learning things. You can watch someone working or listen to someone talking. You can use Google.  • Can you think of any other ways?

Jesus taught people in lots of different ways. One way that people really enjoyed was that he told stories, stories about things they saw everyday seeds, flowers, sheep, coins. Another way that Jesus taught was that he did kind things and encouraged his friends to do the same.

• Which story that Jesus told do you like best and why?

Another way that Jesus taught was to do something and then get his friends to do the same. Sometimes he sent them out on their own to tell people about God and to help people. He told them that God would help them to do these things.

• There is an old saying: Practice makes perfect. Can you work out what that saying means?

Share something that you have had to practice.

The bible is a book full of different poems and stories and letters, reading it helps all of us, children and grown-ups, to learn more about God.

Why not find, read or tell your favourite story about Jesus. Or even mime it and see if someone else can guess it.

Revd Martin

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